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Our visionĀ is to eliminate reservation poverty with enterprising, innovative and empowering asset based initiatives.

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We run a collection of programs that together we hope will restore some pride, self-reliance and joy to the Pine Ridge Reservation.

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Our mission is to connect people and resources to create sustainable housing and grow food on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.

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A lot has happened in the last year since I was able to update our website. Some information and photos exist on our Facebook page. While I will be working to post regular updates to catch you up on all of the exciting details, I hope that you will look there to see some of the work we have been doing over the past year including a light straw clay building, hosting a summer camp for girls, building a rocket mass heater, growing a big garden and composting with worms in the community!

What’s New

How to make clay and milk wall plaster

This easy recipe requires: Six (6) parts fine white sand (the same kind used in swimming pool filters, careful to buy REAL sand silicate and not the plastic imitation when looking for this product.) One (1) part fine white clay (we found both the clay and the sand at... read more

Fruit Tree Planting

We had a very exciting week in May from the 16th to the 21st here at Earth Tipi! For more than a year I have been working with the Fruit Tree Planting Foundation to bring fruit orchards throughout the Pine Ridge Reservation. Funding was finally identified in October... read more

John Victor Anderson Visits Earth Tipi

Exciting things are happening for Earth Tipi on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation! In March we hosted vermiculturist John Victor Anderson aka “The Colorado Worm Man”. He presented on the radio, at two schools and in the community. In all 108 people were... read more