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Our vision is to eliminate reservation poverty with enterprising, innovative and empowering asset based initiatives.


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We run a collection of programs that together we hope will restore some pride, self-reliance and joy to the Pine Ridge Reservation.


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Our mission is to connect people and resources to create sustainable housing and grow food on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.


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A lot has happened in the last year since I was able to update our website. Some information and photos exist on our Facebook page. While I will be working to post regular updates to catch you up on all of the exciting details, I hope that you will look there to see some of the work we have been doing over the past year including a light straw clay building, hosting a summer camp for girls, building a rocket mass heater, growing a big garden and composting with worms in the community!

What’s New

Rocket Mass Heater

As part of the light straw clay home/office project it was important to us to demonstrate techniques for off grid living. This project is particularly important because Pine Ridge Reservation currently has a huge shortage of viable firewood. Hardwood such as ash and...

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Caretaker Cabin

Earth Tipi is more than just a family project. We are here for the community to inspire creativity, ideas and share knowledge for sustainable housing and food sovereignty. In order to accomplish our mission and goals we need as many people on site as possible. Because...

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Food Forest: 2013 – Present

A food forest is a permaculture term for a well planned perennial food garden. For us, that means placing plants that are well suited to grow next to each other or sometimes called “guilding” or “companion planting”.  Over the past few years we have added...

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