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» Caretaker Cabin Caretaker Cabin | Earth Tipi

Earth Tipi is more than just a family project. We are here for the community to inspire creativity, ideas and share knowledge for sustainable housing and food sovereignty. In order to accomplish our mission and goals we need as many people on site as possible. Because housing is such a big problem on the reservation it is our goal, that our caretakers who reside in this cabin be community members, in need of housing who also possess the skills and knowledge to help forward Earth Tipi’s mission. We began construction of our caretaker cabin during the summer of 2013. Our first caretaker, Charlie, lived on site and helped with construction of the cabin with his two children for one year. Our current caretaker, Joni, and her son have been with us since November of 2015 and we hope it is a long term and mutually beneficial arrangement. While the cabin is completely inhabitable, it is still incomplete. We need funds to install a kitchen and small solar panel system as well as a finished floor and some earthworks for the parking area. We are in need of approximately $5000 to complete this project.

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