In the fall of 2008 shortly after the birth of her first daughter, Shannon Freed was inspired to organize a house building project for her father in law Gerald Weasel. At the time, there was no thought or intention to build a community project. The only goal was to build a suitable home and allow the community to tour the house after it was completed. An agreement was made between Shannon and Conrad Rogmans of House Alive! (link to based in Jacksonville, OR.  Conrad agreed to organize and lead a house building apprenticeship if Shannon and her family would gather all of the needed materials, build a foundation and have the site prepared and ready for his arrival in the summer of 2010.

During the spring and summer of 2009 Gerald, Shannon, her husband Adam and Gerald’s second son Luke worked towards gathering materials and building a foundation for the house they hoped for.  The family sought help from friends and neighbors and did receive some help, but primarily did the work themselves. This involved hauling extremely large pieces of cement and breaking them up with sledge hammers. They received help and support from various organizations and individuals to achieve their goal to gather materials and to build a foundation.

In July of 2010 after the family had completed construction of the foundation and had gathered local materials such as clay and sand as well as having borrowed a large water tank, Conrad returned in July of 2010 with 8 apprentices and the finances to purchase the remaining materials for the 20×30 structure.

The group worked for 8 weeks and completed the home at the end of August. After working on some finishing details Gerald moved into his home in November of 2010. The house building project turned into a community project the following spring, when Shannon entered a contest to win a community fruit tree orchard.