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Vermiculturist John Victor Anderson aka “The Colorado Worm Man” came for four days and did multiple presentations throughout the community to spread the word about composting food scraps with worms.  First, he made an appearance on the Zani show on KILI radio. Next he spent two days at Little Wound High School. He spent one full day in the woodshop/autoshop teaching students how to build worm bins out of broken refrigerators. The second day, he lectured to physical science and biology students about worms, their purpose and how to care for them. The result was two completed worm bins constructed by the woodshop and autoshop students, seeded with worms and the science students caring for the worms. Clifford Whiting has taken the lead in that project and last reported the worms were doing well and proliferating. On the fourth and final day, John visited the Lakota Waldorf School and presented to 3-6 year olds about worms including a chance for the children to hold and touch worms.  In all 108 people were directly impacted and many now have their own worms to care for. The worms in turn are now digesting some of the garbage that would otherwise make it to the landfill and we are slowly cleaning up the Pine Ridge Reservation one worm at a time.