Earth Tipi has gained a lot of valuable experience about running a building project this summer, especially during the course of the Pallet House Project. From managing budgets to raising funds and finding the all important volunteers that make these projects possible, it’s all experience I hope to bring to the next building project on the reservation. I would like to thank Texas Natural Builders (David and Graham) for all their hard work and tenacity. Without them Walter and Alison would not have a place they can call home.

Running building projects is both challenging and rewarding. Sadly, despite Earth Tipi’s willingness to continue to fund and learn from the project on behalf of the reservation, Walter and Alison have decided that they no longer want Earth Tipi to participate. Happily Texas Natural Builders have made an agreement with John Yellowbird-Steel, tribal president, for the remaining materials needed to finish the house. As a consequence the major donors have agreed that the money initially earmarked for the Earth Tipi Pallet House Project should now be diverted to other Earth Tipi Projects. A complete set of accounts will be published here in the coming week and later a check list to help future building projects run more smoothly.

I would like to thank everyone for their support not least Village EarthO.L.C.E.R.I.Wounded Knee Tiyospaye ProjectThe Permaculture GuildTrees, Water & PeopleNatural Homesand of course all of the wonderful volunteers.