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This easy recipe requires:

  • Six (6) parts fine white sand (the same kind used in swimming pool filters, careful to buy REAL sand silicate and not the plastic imitation when looking for this product.)
  • One (1) part fine white clay (we found both the clay and the sand at a pottery store.)
  • Milk (fresh, canned or dried all work.)

In Raven’s instructional video she demonstrates making a small test batch using small bowls. When making enough for walls or other things (like our rocket mass heater) we use a 5 gallon bucket for mixing and medium size yogurt containers for measuring. Using the yoghurt container we usually add 12 parts sand and 2 parts clay for 1-1.5 gallons of milk.

When using mason stain for color keep in mind that the color will fade as it dries. For this reason we usually make two or three small batches with different amounts of stain. We apply one or two stripes to the wall next to each other to make a color stripe. This is the easiest way to compare the color and pick your favorite one.