Raven’s Tipi

A youth leadership program

Children are our future. These projects help to create an environment where our children will have a higher standard of living than then generation before. They are designed to inspire, motivate and empower children’s self esteem, vision of the future and ability to take action.

We are creating opportunities for young people to gain new perspectives on themselves, each other and the world through travel and collaboration with other young people from around the world. We have found young self appointed leaders from two of the reservation’s communities and are in the process of contacting schools and community members to find more. With their help to reach other young people we are hosting and working with youth groups from other places and here on the reservation.

Past Projects: One Nation Walking Together Collaboration – March, 2011

In March of this year Earth Tipi helped youngsters living in our transitional living program to build relationships outside our community while also raising money for their activities. A group of students came from Boston College for a week. During that time young people from the reservation volunteered with them doing community outreach projects in Manderson and Wounded Knee. Each evening the students were hosted for dinner and an activity. They in turn provided funds to sponsor their own activities.

Future Projects:

  • The William Penn Collaboration – August. 2011
  • Aug 1-7 Youth on Pine Ridge, Aug 7-14 Youth in Washington DC

We are pleased to announce our first trip. A group of young people from Washington DC will join us to work for one week here on the reservation. We will then fly together to Washington DC for one week where we will meet with Congress members and lobbyists as well as tour museums to learn about the history of our nation’s capital.

Amongst other projects in Raven’s Tipi Program we are working on:

  • Field Trips with schools
  • Bring Back the Bow
  • Permaculture Summer Day Camp
  • School Farm Development
  • Play Sets  (A Play Set for every home we build. The first was built in July 2010, the next is scheduled for July 2011)

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In March of this year Earth Tipi helped youngsters living in our transitional living program to buil...
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